Agent Aika is a 7 OVA (Original Video Animation) created and animated in 1997 by Studio Fantasia and producted by Bandai.

After an terrifying earthquake left most of the cities under the sea a new kind of professionals arise to regain the lost knowledge hidden underwater: they are called "Salvagers".

Aika Sumeragi is one of them and her troublesome daily life, aimed to not make her salvaging company going bakrupt, is often made harder by the rivalry with her fellow salvager, Gust Turbulence. She accept a dangerous mission to retrieve a new material, the misterious "Lagu", which is claimed to be the cure created by the Earth itself for the disease that is humanity. The mission is revealed to be even more dangerous than expected and Aika will have to use every of her resources to survive. Even the one she despise the most: the "Alternate Metal"...

Agent Aika is widely known as one of the more fan-service driven anime of all time but, while cheesy shots and situations are extremely common, it boasts extremely high production values. The girls are curvy and beautiful but the mecha, animation, shading, action choreography, direction and even music is top notch. Anyway after the first series of 4 OVAs the quality drops in every aspect, boosting only the fan-service, in a clear attempt to milk the most form the franchise with a minor budget.

In 2007 Studio Fantasia animated a prequel to the Agent Aika series, a the three-part OVA "Aika R-16: Virgin Mission", which featured a sixteen-years-old Aika and was packaged with a live action short. Another three part OVA" prequel, "Aika ZERO" was published in 2009, this time featuring a nineteen-years-old Aika, linking Virgin Mission and the original Agent Aika.

The series had a "spiritual successor" in the form of "Najica Blitz Tactics", animated and directed by the same team of Aika and sharing the same fan-service nature while using a more spy-fiction oriented theme.

This page will cover the original OVA series as well as the prequels Aika R-16: Virgin Mission and Aika ZERO.

Characters featured in this wikia:

Aika Sumeragi

Rion Aida

Neena Hagen

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