American Dad came after Family Guy was on hiatus.




Below are featured images which depict multiple characters barefoot simultaneously

Season 3Edit

Episode 41Edit

S3e? "The Magnificent Steven" has a close up of Hayley and Francine in sandals.

Episode 43Edit

S3e? "The Vacation Goo"

Episode 58Edit

S3E16 "Spring Break-Up" shows 4 drunken college students walking while wearing sandals.

Season 6Edit

Episode 98Edit

S6e2 "Son of Stan"

Episode 114Edit

S6e18 "Flirting With Disaster"

Season 8Edit

Episode 138Edit

"Can I Be Frank (With You)" shows Victor (a female in a boyband) barefoot while in pajamas.

Episode 152Edit

"Da Flipitty Flop"

Season 9Edit

Episode 162Edit

S9e10 "Familyland"

Episode 167Edit

S9e15 "Honey, I'm Homeland"

Season 12Edit

Episode 184Edit

s12e9 "My Affair Lady"

Hayley Smith and a fat woman are barefoot onscreen simultaneously.

See alsoEdit

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