American Dad came after Family Guy was on hiatus.




Below are featured images which depict multiple characters barefoot simultaneously

Season 3

Episode 41

S3e? "The Magnificent Steven" has a close up of Hayley and Francine in sandals.

Episode 43

S3e? "The Vacation Goo"

Episode 58

S3E16 "Spring Break-Up" shows 4 drunken college students walking while wearing sandals.

Season 6

Episode 98

S6e2 "Son of Stan"

Episode 114

S6e18 "Flirting With Disaster"

Season 8

Episode 138

"Can I Be Frank (With You)" shows Victor (a female in a boyband) barefoot while in pajamas.

Episode 152

"Da Flipitty Flop"

Season 9

Episode 162

S9e10 "Familyland"

Episode 167

S9e15 "Honey, I'm Homeland"

Season 12

Episode 184

s12e9 "My Affair Lady"

Hayley Smith and a fat woman are barefoot onscreen simultaneously.

Garbage Stan


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