She make her debut in episode 5 of Toradora! , "Ami Kawashima" ( "Kawashima Ami" - ( かわしまあみ ). Ami is transferred in the class of Taiga , Ryuji midway their second year but she met them in a restaurant at first, an occasion in which she is revealed to be a childhood friend of Yusaki Kitamura.

She appear to be kind and generous to everyone but this is actually a facade: her real self is arrogant and not shy to be even rude to others, to say the least. She develop a dislike of Taiga due to their troublesome first encounter and is one of the few being able to tease her.

Anyway, she is shown to envy the straightforwardness of Taiga and all the attentions that Ryuji have for the troublesome "Tenori Taiga", having developed a slight crush for the kind boy...

Taiga refer to Ami with the nickname of "Stupid Chihuahua" (Baka-chi).


Episode 5Edit

Title: "Ami Kawashima" ( "Kawashima Ami" - かわしまあみ )

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