Ami Onuki is one of the stars of Hi Hi Puffy AmiYumi.

Season 1

Episode 1a

Ami and Yumi are trying to escape their #1 fan and relax in the mud bath at a spa. Ami says that there is nothing like a soothing foot massage but Yumi points out that they didn't order a foot massage. Ami then lifts her foot and sees the fan girl massaging it.

Episode 3c

In "Dance a Go-Go" a close up of Ami's foot when she stub her toe when one of the contestants trip her, making sure she lose the contest.

Episode 4a

In "Ami Goes Bad", Ami plays a huge drum solo that she also plays the drums with her feet.

Episode 4b

In "Robo-Pop", Ami and Yumi are both in their bikinis with their sandals on while tanning in the sun on top of their tour bus.

Episode 5

In "Team Teen" Ami and Yumi take off their boots when they are at Team Teen's place. (Goof: They seem surprised and confused when they were told to take off their footwear. But, being Japanese, this should be standard practice.)

Episode 7c

In "Surf's Up" she is in her blue bikini with her sandals on smiling next to Yumi

Episode 8a

In "Kaz Almighty", Ami and Yumi are in hula clothes and in tribe costumes, both barefoot.

Episode 12a

In the beginning of "Fan Club" she is wearing her blue bikini and wearing sandals while writing in her diary.

Episode 13b

In "Mean Machine" during a "battle of the bands" again a musical machine, Ami is once again seen playing the drums with her feet

Season 2

Episode 4c

Ami is also shown barefoot in "Hypno Kaz".

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Episode 5b

In "Time Off", Ami is miscalculated back in time and thinks that she's going to a swimming recital. She is barefoot in her bikini while she dives down a highway.

Episode 6a

In "Uninvited", Ami is shown barefoot, while painting her toenails.

Season 3

Episode 5

In "Golden Fleas", Ami and Yumi are barefoot in togas.

Episode 8b

In "Truth or Dare", Ami and Yumi are having a slumber party of their own. They are both in their nightgowns and are barefoot.

Episode 9b

In "Gridiron Maidens" Ami and Yumi with Kaz appears in end of episode in barefoot swimsuits.



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