Originally the community was named "Animated Feet Scenes" and located at w:c:AnimatedFeetScenes

The unnecessary 'scenes' in the URL dropped in early 2012 to shorten it. The 'Animated Feet' URL (w:c:AnimatedFeet) also had a more inclusive 'Animated Foot Scenes' title, since we also include scenes which may only have a single foot as opposed to a minimum of two.


In late 2012, 'Animated' in the URL was shortened to 'Anime', which is the Japanese term for animation, to have an even shorter URL and to reflect the contributions of Japanese media to foot-related images.

'Animated' here has never excluded non-animated media such as comics (or manga, as it is called in Japan) and similarly, the change to 'Anime' does not exclude non-anime (non-Japanese) forms of animation which are generally referred to as cartoons. It is simply the shortest common term that is known to be applicable and understood to be associated with non-live media.

This policy differs from other communities like AnimeBaths which do exclude comics and cartoons which haven't been associated in some way with Japanese media (anime/manga).

Like the blogspot 'Anime Feet' (not officially affiliated with this wiki, but which links to here, so we link back in return) we include animation and illustration all over the world regardless of nation. Though our anime/manga categories specifically gather those created in Japan.

Unlike AnimeBaths we do not, however, generally include depictions of live adaptations of anime.

Live imagesEdit

Due to the focus on animation in the web site, live images of real people are only allowed when they are barefoot images of a character who, in animated (or illustrated) form, also has barefoot images.

See for example: Tinkerbell

Note that merely having been an animated character at some point isn't enough: the purpose of allowing live barefoot images of characters is so that we can compare them to a barefoot image in illustrated form.


Per Wikipedia:Ankle, as it includes the Talus bone, the ankle joint is considered part of the foot, so images that show the baring of ankles or any region below/distal/inferior to that point are considered to be depicting feet.

While very detailed/tight sock images are sometimes accepted when they depict the silhouette of the foot accurately, images which only depict the sock above the ankle joint are not acceptable.



While the original intent, like AnimeBaths, was a focus on female characters' feet, like AB, we expanded to also cover male characters and genderless characters as well, out of recognition that a wider scope will be more encyclopedic and appeal to a wider audience, as well as there being overlap in scenes where males and females are barefoot simultaneously.

Our MissionEdit

We strive to capture, collect and store the most interesting foot scenes available to the watchers of anime and cartoons, and to the readers of manga and comic books. We make our collection of foot scenes available to our readers through one of the several categories we have available, such as animations (Cartoons and Anime) and illustrations (Comics and Manga).

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