Anime Baths can be found at w:c:AnimeBaths. It is a wiki which has some overlap here since people are often barefoot while taking baths.

The expanded format of the AnimeFeet wiki is also based on AnimeBaths, in terms of having individual series and character pages.

The template {{AB}} can be tagged here to link to an AB page of the same name for either a series or character, for easy inter-navigation.

w:c:AnimeBaths:Category:Feet can also be visited to see images of feet related to bathing scenes. People browsing that site, rather than saving and re-uploading images from there to here (causing Wikia duplication) may opt to instead merely tag those images with the "Feet" category.

We could then focus on foot-related scenes NOT related to bathing here.

There aren't any rules forbidding the uploading of bath-related foot scenes to this wiki, and indeed, the founder of AnimeBaths (also a mod here) has uploaded some bathing example foot pics to this wiki too.

It may just be easier to tag existing pics there, as there really are a lot of them. Enjoy the category.

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