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Anna Rogue, also known as Rogue, is one of the X-Men.


Uncanny X-MenEdit

Issue 297

Marvel Swimsuit SpecialEdit

Issue 2Edit

January 1993


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X-Men (1992-95 series)Edit

Episode 5Edit

In "Captive Hearts", Rogue is seen in a swimsuit with sandals exposing her barefeet.

Episode 53 Edit


Episode 59Edit

"Love in Vain"

Episode 61Edit

In "Xavier Remembers", Rogue's feet are exposed while in sandals during Professor X's illusion.

X-Men EvolutionEdit

Episode 10Edit

"Shadowed Past" also has group shots at X-Men#Episode 10

Episode 17Edit

"Fun and Games"

Episode 41Edit



Fan artEdit

See alsoEdit

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