Anne Shirley is the namesake of the Anne of Green Gables franchise.


Before Green GablesEdit


Akage no AnneEdit

This is a 50-episode anime series created in 1979 by World Masterpiece Theatre.

Episode 7Edit

In "Mrs. Rachel Lynde is properly horrified", 45s in (after washing some dishes and asking permission from Marilla) she runs outside barefoot to play.

Episode 19Edit

In "Diana's Birthday" she is wearing her tall black boots 4 minutes in, but removes them (obscured by the stairs) as Matthew and Marilla are talking. She is then seen barefoot while holding her boots.


Anne of Green Gables: The Animated SeriesEdit

A 26-episode series that began in 2001.

Episode 1Edit

In the pilot "Carrots" she throws her shoe at Gilbert Blythe who mocks her red hair.

Episode 3Edit

In "The Stray" she is shown laying supine on her bed with bare feet after the stray dog she takes in (alternatively called Spot, Rex, Magic, etc.) messes up Marilla's house.

Episode 15Edit

"The Swim of Things"

Episode 18Edit

In "The Witch Of Avonlea" after Marilla Cuthbert's friend Peg Bowen curses at Anne for protecting an animal from the evil old gypsy, Anne confides in Marilla the next day that she felt so upset about the incident that she spelled a word wrong. Irritated, Marilla threatens to send Anne back to the orphanage they got her from. Fleeing to her room, Anne practices spelling words, when she is barefoot except for slippers that expose her ankles. After a while, the animal she saved comes and begins to talk to her, and lifts her into the air (causing her heels to be exposed as they rise above the slippers before they too are carried along) to take her to invade the gypsy witch Peg Bowen's fortress and lift the curse placed on her.

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Episode 19Edit

"A Square Peg" After being saved from freezing by a woman she thought to be a witch.

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After Anne awakes from a nightmare (which the former events are implied to be) she is sleeping barefoot in her bed, presumably having kicked off her slippers during her frantic sleep.

Fan artEdit

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