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April O' Neil is a friend of the TMNT in Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

Mirage Comics

Don't Judge a Book

November 1985 as pages 47-54 of the "TMNT and Other Strangeness" RPG
later reprinted in "Shell Shock" December 1989

Final panel shows April barefoot in a jungle girl costume.

May East Saga

April 1993

May East disguises herself as an April mummy.

IDW Comics

TMNT: Miniseries - April O'Neil

TMNT: April and Casey

Issue 1

The X-Files Conspiracy: TMNT


1987 series

Episode 16

debuted 3 December 1988

In s2e11 "New York's Shiniest", April's apartment gets robbed and she angrily sits in her empty apartment barefoot waiting for the turtles to show up.

Episode 38

s3e20 "Leatherhead Terror of the Swamp" debuted 9 November 1989

Episode 52

debuted 15 November 1989
  • group shots also at TMNT#Episode 52 of April and Irma together when Irma is running to make her feet visible.

In s3e34 "Shredderville" she is barefoot when she, along with Irma, are dress like Harem girls when the turtles are in a alternate reality world where Shredder is ruler. Although Irma is also barefoot, she wears a long dress that covers her feet except when she runs. April's pants expose her feet at rest.

Episode 56

debuted 20 November 1989

In s3e38 "Case of the Hot Kimono" her foot is tickled by Don Turtelli


April O'Neil foot tickled (high quality)

April O'Neil foot tickled (high quality)

Episode 71

see TMNT#Episode 71

Episode undentified

Wearing a negligee.

2003 series

Concept art

Episode 5

"Nano" debuted 8 March 2003

She was barefoot when she saw the Turtles and Casey after their battle with Nano This is also the ONLY time she's barefoot.

Episode 156

s7e13 "Wedding Bells and Bytes" debuted 28 February 2009

She exposes the tops of her feet as she does a backflip wearing low-cut green heels.

2012 series

Episode 34

9 February 2014

In s2e9 "The Kraang Conspiracy" April is barefooted in this episode while strapped to a table, and also while fighting clones, who are also.

See also: April Derp

Episode 55

17 October 2014

In s3e3 "Buried Secrets" a flashback is shown of a sleeping (or unconscious) barefoot April being carried through the woods by her father, Kirby O'Neil, while Mrs. O'Neil follows.

Episode 70

In s3e18 "The Deadly Venom" she is barefoot in both a dream sequence and in the real world when she is bitten by a poison snake in her pjs. She remains barefoot when her dad Kirby brings her to the sewers and Splinter treats her with chi-healing to counter the poison.

Fan Art

April O'Neil/fanart

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