Archie Comics is a publications company which produces many different comic lines, including Archie and his pals, Sabrina the Teenage Witch, Josie and the Pussycats, and even Sonic the Hedgehog.


Characters in the central Archie series include:


Several comics have shown multiple characters barefoot simultaneously on a cover:

Archie Giant

Archie's Girls

Betty and Veronica


Beat the Heat

Comics Annual 224



"Top Executive"

"You've Got a Friend" focuses on Veronica and Becky (Archie Comics)

"Archie Gets a Massage" (own name for this) - Just a couple of very worthy additions to this thread.


B and V Friends

Campfire Stories

Double Digest


Jinx is spunky tomboy. Ascending from Middle School to Freshman in High School. She has a desire to play on all the male sports teams.

Joke Book


Life With Archie

World of Archie


Weird Mysteries

Attack of the 50 Foot Veronica

Veronica becomes a giantess and is barefoot.

Fan art

See also

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