Jugyou cover
Asa Made Jugyou Chu is a manga series.


Yuuki Kagami, a male student, has just been admitted to a high-class high school on the basis of a scholarship for good grades. A problem occurs when a female teacher confuses his gender-ambiguous name and assigns him a room in the female dorms. This apparently uncorrectable mistake cannot be fixed until the start of a new term, so Yuuki is forced to live in the female dorms of his co-ed high school.

The teacher who made this mistake, Ayana Kakinozaki, is willing to take responsibility. Ayana volunteers to become his roommate, as she makes it her personal objective to make sure none of the other female tenants discover his true gender. While her imagination often gets the better of her noble intentions, Ayana is willing to protect Yuuki and his scholarship through whatever means her hypersexualized mind deems necessary.


Chapter 1Edit

Chapter 2Edit

Worried that Yuuki's urges will cause an incident with one of the many female students that fill the female dorms, Ayana requests that he channel these urges out onto her instead.

Chapter 3Edit

Yuuki enters the bath alongside Ayana, who acts as his bodyguard.

Chapter 4Edit

Risa Takabane, a clever girl with a bizarre distaste for men, arrives to the bath, much to Yuuki and Ayana's displeasure. Eventually, Ayana causes a distraction that allows Yuuki to escape the bath without a hitch.

Chapter 10Edit

Ayana gets jealous of Yuuki's meeting with the student council president.

Chapter 12Edit

Yuuki is drafted into helping the vice-president of the student council, a scheming girl posed on the subject of exposing his inherent sexuality.

Chapter 13Edit

Chapter 15Edit

Risa lounges around in Yuuki's room, hanging her authority over him in order to get a date.

Chapter 16Edit

Yuuki (disguised as the opposite gender) is forced to socialize with the student council president, a bold girl romantically interested in his male form.

Chapter 17Edit

The vice-president of the student council loses her sandals while scheming against Yuuki.

Chapter 18Edit

Chapter 20Edit

Chapter 23Edit

Risa drafts Yuuki into her service once again, and takes the opportunity to have him dotingly wash her feet.

Chapter 24Edit

Ayana notices Yuuki's disappointing grades in geography, and devises a plan to help him succeed. This plan happens to take the form of an erotic memory game, with the answers to her stated questions written on various parts of her body.

Chapter 27Edit

Chapter 28Edit

Risa playing with her night slippers.

Chapter 30Edit

Chapter 32Edit

Risa hanging around the dorm room, speaking with a growingly effeminate Yuuki.

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