Brandy Harrington from Brandy and Mr Whiskers

Brandy Harrington is a female dog from the series Brandy & Mr. Whiskers. She is remembered to wear purple platform sandals.

Season 1Edit

Episode 16Edit

"Believe In the Bunny"

Episode 33Edit

"Two Heads Are Not Better Than One"

Episode 35Edit


Episode 40Edit

"Freaky Tuesday"

Season 2Edit

Episode 61Edit

"Rain Delay"

Thinking Outside the FruitEdit

The Tell Tale ShoesEdit

Time For WafflesEdit

What Price Dignity?! (Cheap!)Edit

Screenshot 2015-11-08-04-09-54
Screenshot 2015-11-08-04-09-24
Screenshot 2015-11-08-04-09-16
Screenshot 2015-11-08-04-09-07

Episodes unknownEdit

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Monkey's PawEdit


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