Bulma is a character from the Dragon Ball series.

Dragon Ball animeEdit

Emperor Pilaf sagaEdit

Episode 2Edit

Episode 6Edit

Bulma's feet are seen while she is showering.

Episode 9Edit

In this episode Bulma start wearing a desert outit with red sandals.

Episode 10Edit

A close up of her feet in sandals when she kick Oolong in the face.

Red Patrol sagaEdit

Episodes 52 to 55 Bulma is barefoot the whole episodes.

Episode 52Edit

Episode 54Edit

Episode 55Edit

Episode 126Edit

DBZ animeEdit

Namek sagaEdit

Episode 39Edit

In Dragon Ball Z, episodes 39-40 (Japanese order) "Friends or Foes? Children of the Mysterious Giant Spaceship!/Journey to Namek" and "Honest to goodness? There Lies Namek, Planet of Hope/Friends or Foes", Bulma is always barefoot,

Episode 49Edit

Bulma's feet are briefly seen in her bubble bath scene in Dragon Ball Z episode 49 and Dragon Ball Z Kai episode 22.

Dragon Ball SuperEdit

Episode 43Edit


Path to PowerEdit

In the seventeenth feature film, "The Path to Power", a re-enact of a chunk of the first series, Bulma is seen barefoot while sleeping, on the beach and trying to use the Kintoun (failing).

Lord Slug




There was also a Dub invented scene with Bulma, where she makes Yamcha promise to give her a foot massage because he wouldn't accept the charges for a collect call. (this wasn't in the original)

Fan artEdit

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