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Candace Gertrude Flynn is the older sister of the brother namesakes of Phineas and Ferb. She is the biological sister of Phineas Flynn and the stepsister of Ferb Fletcher. She is voiced by Ashley Tisdale.


  • Skin color: white
  • Hair color: orange
  • Eye color: indigo
  • Tops: scarlet T-shirt (with dark red belt)
  • Bottoms: white skirt
  • Shoe type/color: Mary Jane white flat shoes (with red socks)

Season 1Edit

Episode 2Edit

In "Lawn Gnome Beach Party of Terror". See Phineas and Ferb#Episode 2 for group shots

Episode 5Edit

"Lights, Candace, Action!"

Episode 7Edit

"Candace Loses Her Head"

Episode 12Edit

"Jerk De Soleil"

Episode 24Edit

"The Ballad of Badbeard"

Episode 29Edit

"Boyfriend From 27,000 B.C."

Season 2Edit

Episode 48Edit

"The Lake Nose Monster"

Episode 49Edit

"Interview With a Platypus" has Candace with one red sock feet for half the episode.

Episode 52Edit

"Backyard Aquarium" musical number "When will he call me?" has a quick shot of Candace barefoot when a giant phone crush into her, resulting in her being knocked off her shoes and socks, then when she is seen with multiple feet when she is holding phone.

Episode 58Edit

In "Gaming the System". See Phineas and Ferb#Episode 58 for group shot.

Episode 61Edit

From "De Plane! De Plane!", see Phineas and Ferb#Episode 61 for shots of her with others.

Episode 64Edit

"Oh, There You Are, Perry"

Episode 71Edit

"Spa Day", see Phineas and Ferb#Episode 71 for group shots

Episode 83Edit

"Atlantis" has Candace in other group images at Phineas and Ferb#Episode 83

Episode 100Edit

In S2E53 "Phineas and Ferb Hawaiian Vacation" while in Hawaii, Candace switches from sandals to bare feet back to sandals

Part 1:

Part 2:

Episode 102Edit

"Nerds of a Feather"

She is wearing the same pajama top as in #Episode 7 and #Episode 12, but is wearing longer pajama bottoms instead of shorts.

She was also briefly barefoot during the song "Ducky Momo is my Friend". It shows her as a child having Ducky pick out her clothing.

Episode 111Edit

In "Make Play"

Season 3 Edit

Episode 115Edit

In "Run, Candace, Run" a quick shot of her red sock feet are shown when she mistaken put on the unstable prototype running shoes.

Episode 128 Edit

"Mommy Can You Hear Me?". Candace is barefoot in bed after breaking her right foot and tries desperately to get outside to tell her mother about her brothers' doings.

Episode 136Edit

"Escape from Phineas Tower"

Episode 140Edit

In "Tri-Stone Area", Candace is known as Can-Tok.

Episode 141Edit

In "Doof Dynasty" Candace, during ancient feudal China, is wearing sandals that expose her toes and heels.

Episode 156Edit

In "The Mom Attractor" Candace is seen wearing sandals while wearing her swimsuit in the backyard.

Episode 162Edit

In Both "Sci-Fi Pie Fly" and the Musical Number "Non Reaction" Candace seen is wearing her robe and slippers that expose her bare heels when she decide to take a "ME" day from busting her brothers.

Non ReactionEdit

Episode 168Edit

In S3E56 "Where's Perry? (Part Two)", Candace gets lost in Africa and takes on a Tarzan-like appearance while living with monkeys. She goes barefoot and battles evil robotic clones of the main cast that way.