Chloe Carmichael is a character from the 10th Season of The Fairly OddParents.
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Chloe is both the new girl in school and in dimmsdale, She is an enthusiastic, smart, funny and over-achieving little girl who everybody loves execpt for Timmy, it was revealed that due to a shortage of fairies, she and Timmy now have to share Cosmo and Wanda. It was later revealed that while Chloe do good deeds, they always seems to backfire, like when she helped a giant monster with a thorn on his foot, only for him destroying the city she lived. Chloe is shown wearing pink sandals that expose her feet and will most likely wear them when she appears in the show.

Season 10

The Fairly Big Scare

Episode 2

Episode 4

Booby Trapped

Chloe is shown barefoot in her pajamas, making it the first time she has ever been shown barefoot. She can also be seen barefoot in her swimsuit at the end of the episode.

Blue Angel

Fairy Con

Episode 22

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Fan Art

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