Cinderella is the protagonist of the Disney film.


Cinderella (1950)Edit

House of MouseEdit

Season 2 - Episode 9Edit

In "Where's Minnie?", an advertisement runs for Scuttle's Lost & Found; a lost pair of glass slippers are shown on the screen, and Cinderella notices that she lost them.

Cinderella III: A Twist in Time (2007)Edit

In Cinderella 3, near the beginning of the movie, the Prince slips Cinderella's foot inside a shoe.

Mickey Mouse in Croissant de TriompheEdit

Cinderella is seen barefoot as her Prince Charming attempts to put on her glass slipper, only to have Mickey Mouse ride by in his moped, and the Prince drops the slipper which cracks on the floor.


Video GamesEdit

Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep Edit

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Cinderella's Royal WeddingEdit

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Cinderella and the Lost MiceEdit

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The Lost TiaraEdit

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