Clockwork cover image
Our protagonist is one Katsu Cloak, who decides to return home after a fulfilling conscription at the Annapolis Naval Academy in the United States. While going home, Cloak encounters a beautiful female stowaway attempting to escape her slavery in America. This meeting eventually results in a skirmish with a group of men trying to capture her. The ensuing gunfight reveals Cloak as a genius gunslinger who operates under the nickname "Clockwork" because of his inhuman accuracy with firearms. This fact is only cemented when he combines this unlikely ability with a legendary hand-cannon obtained from a master gunsmith back in America.

Based in the Meiji-era, not long after the end of the Japanese civil war, this is a manga filled with interesting gunplay and frequent encounters with historical figures (such as various surviving Shinsengumi). Despite the relative obscurity of this manga, the lead female character, Isadora, is very elegantly drawn. Her body reeks of feminine beauty, and this remains true for her feet as well.


Chapter 1Edit

Cloak finds Isadora inside one of the crates, only to discover that she was in the middle of changing, and has very few problems with displaying her nakedness. Despite this, they have a short discussion about the freedom they both seek, and then part ways.

Chapter 2Edit

Isadora, wearing the Annapolis military jacket lent to her by Cloak, encounters a dude. She's still mostly naked.

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