Clover Ewing is one of the main characters of Totally Spies!.


Clover is one of the three tops spies from W.H.O.O.P, She is known out of the three to act like the most typical teenage girl—obsessed with fashion, boys and her appearance. She is also known to be the most flirtatious of the main group as she is recognizable for having the most crushes in each episode of the series when she meet with a cute guy (either in her normal life or spy life) Clover is the most intimately knowledgeable of her friends about pop culture topics, especially topics having to do with attractive male celebrities. She is also a native of Los Angeles, California as she is the only girl of the three to speak with a strong valley girl accent by saying things like "so totally", and adding the word "much?"

Season 1Edit

Episode 1Edit

"A Thing For Musicians"

Episode 3Edit

"Get Away"

Episode 6Edit


Episode 7Edit

"Fugitives" The Spies are incarcerated for a crime they didn't commit, all the while Clovers taste in Western wear saves the day twice. Namely diamond tipped spured cowboy boots.

Episode 12Edit

In "Shrinking" Clover is seen wearing orange platform heels when she step on a tracking device near the Great Wall of China.

Episode 14Edit

"Man or Machine"

Episode 15Edit

"Wild Style"
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Episode 20Edit

Clover, while undercover dress like a maid wears a gadget on her feet called "Rocket Fueled Mule" that expose her bare heels.

Season 2Edit

I Want My MummyEdit

Episode 35Edit

In "I, Dude" a close up of Clover's toes are shown when she tried to kick out the lights of a tanning machine, with her toes damaged.

Season 3Edit

Episode 55Edit

"Computer Creep Much?"

Episode 76Edit

Season 4Edit

Episode 85Edit

"Attack of the 50 foot Mandy"

Season 4Edit

Episode 89Edit

In "Mani-Maniac Much?" a close of Clover's toes when she decide to paint them rush red.

Episode 90Edit

"Déjà Cruise" In this episode, Clover is wearing a pink bikini with pink sandals with a flower on it.

Season 5Edit

Episode 109Edit

Season 6Edit

Episode 131Edit

"The Anti-Social Network"

Episode 132Edit

"Nine Lives"

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Episode 133Edit


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Episode 148 Edit

"Totally Switched Again"
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Episode 153Edit

"Jungle Boogie"


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