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Codename: Kids Next Door (sometime as Kids Next Door or KND) is an American animated television series that aired on Cartoon Network on December 6, 2002 – January 21, 2008


The Plot of the series is about a worldwide organization comprising thousands of kids joined in mutual struggle against adult tyranny and out of all of them is the main kid operatives of Sector V, Numbuh One,Two,Three,Four,Five.



Male Operatives

Female Operatives

Season 1

Episode 1A

In Operation "Cake" there's a blonde girl with glasses wearing pink sandals.

Episode 9b

In "Operation C.A.M.P" the same blonde girl with glasses is seen wearing the same pink sandals

Season 2

Episode 7b

In " the tall blonde female member of the DCFDTL left feet are shown.

Episode 8a

in Operation "T.H.E.-S.H.O.G.U.N" we see a little blonde girl wearing green and while sandals.

Season 3

Episode 33a

In "Operation: P.I.N.K. E.Y.E." near the end, The blonde girl with glasses appeared once again with pink sandals

Episode 36

In s3e10 "Operation: H.U.G.S." (meaning Humongously Unwieldy Gorilla Showdown) there is a barefoot dancing girl.

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