Dirty Pair is a light novel series with 8 volumes from 1980 to 2007.

In anime, the original 1985 TV series had 24 episodes, then Affair of Yolanda OVA, then episodes 25/26 in Jan '87, then "Project Eden" film March '87, then 1990 OVA "Flight 005 Conspiracy".

Then the 'Flash' remake OVA series from '94 to '96. Divided into 3 missions composed of 6, 5 and 5 episodes for 16 episodes total. Also manga adaptations of Flash from July '95 to Jan '96 then "DX" from Mar-July '96.


Episode 1

Title: "We'll Teach You How To Kill a Computer"

( "Konpyuuta no koroshi kata oshiemasu" - コンピューターの 殺し方教えます )

Episode 24

Close up on Yuri's foot while she is in the shower in the 24th episode of Dirty Pair.


In the film Dirty Pair: Project Eden, a close up of Kei's foot as she raises it up in a bubble bath. Yuri's feet can be seen when she falls back into the bathtub.


Episode 15

Yuri's feet are shown hanging out of the bathtub in episode 15 of Dirty Pair Flash. This would be episode 4/5 in 'mission 3'.