Family Guy is a series made by Seth MacFarlane, who also created Cavalcade of Cartoon Comedy.


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Season 2

Episode 10

In S2e3 "Da Boom" Chris and Peter are barefoot after an explosion. So is Brian, but he's usually barefoot, since he's a dog.

Season 3

Episode 34

In "lethal weapon" Lois and Bonnie (along with others) are barefooted while doing taijutsu.

Season 4

Episode 77

S4e27 "Untitled Griffin Family History"

Season 5

Episode 86

S5e6 "Prick Up Your Ears"

Season 9

Episode 151

In S9e4 "Halloween on Spooner Street", initially dressed as a cat and Optimus Prime, classmates open the door to a closet they are in, revealing that underneath it was Chris Griffin and Meg Griffin.

Season 10

Episode 175

S10e10 "Meg and Quagmire"

Episode 179

S10e14 "Be Careful What You Fish For"

Season 11

Episode 200

S11e12 "Valentine's Day in Quahog"

Season 12

Episode 216

S12E06 "Life of Brian" In a alternate world where the Indians never lost their land, there's a Indian women who is barefooted as she did a pose when she asked the doctor if he did that to help her husband, who said that is offensive.

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