Flora is the Winx fairy of nature.


Issue 36Edit

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Issue 130 Edit

Flora gets a pedicure in this issue. Please click on the link and go to page 14 to see that panel.

Issue 133 Edit

Season 1Edit

Episode 2Edit

In "Welcome to Magix" in her first appearance, Flora is seen wearing pink wedge sandals.

Episode 7Edit

Episode 15Edit

Episode 16Edit

Season 2Edit

Episode 20Edit

Season 3Edit

At the start of season 3 Flora and Bloom abandon their sandals footwear and began to wear close-toed shoes. However When she earn her enchantix, she became barefooted.

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Episode 17Edit

Episode 24Edit

Season 4Edit

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Episode 5Edit

Episode 6Edit

Season 5Edit

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Episode 14Edit

Episode 17Edit

Flora wears pink open toed socks with her pajama.

Season 7Edit

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Episode 3Edit

Episode 15Edit

Episode 16Edit


The Secret of the Lost KingdomEdit

World of WinxEdit

Season 1Edit

Episode 2 Edit

World of Winx season 1 episode 2

Episode 10Edit

Other imagesEdit

The beautiful flower fairy Flora is wearing open toed boots in her new transformation called "Bloomix" (her bare toes can be seen when you look closely).

Videos Edit

This is from the sixth season, but I have no idea from which episode that sequence is. In this video you can see a bit of her feet starting from the first second until the fifth. There could be different variations of the transformation sequences (for example versions which have been cut from TV).

Winx Club Flora Mythix Transformation Extended!00:13

Winx Club Flora Mythix Transformation Extended!


see /fanart

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