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Recently the founder reverted the home page so that rather than the scope of this wiki being for all characters who go barefoot, that it only be for girls who go barefoot.

I personally think that policy is overly restrictive. It limits the content of the wiki and its potential inclusivity. It gives us a sexist appearance, like this was only for fetishizing females rather than covering a cultural concept.

Two articles I made were even deleted solely because they had pictures of barefoot guys in them, even though they had pictures of girls too. It's pretty perplexing! Luckily I also have crat rights and could undelete them :)

I'm posting this in the help desk because I am seeking community input. The wiki's title is "Animated Feet Scenes", not "Animated Girls' Feet Scenes" or "Animated Feet Scenes with Girls".

I think our policies for inclusion should reflect this broad concept. If we look at w:c:AnimeBaths, it has grown so well because of its inclusivity. Because people who know about male and female scenes alive can post both of them! I think we should do that too.

I am all for including images of girls, and to be quite honest, I prefer them and am more likely to notice or remember them and add them than I am with guys' scenes. But I think our wiki will attract more contributors and be a better asset to the anime community if we also include scenes of males.

For other editors, what do you think of this? It doesn't make sense to me to have to create a new wiki for guys. This isn't a fap sight after all, a male foot is fine too, and often men and women are barefoot together. +Yc 19:47, August 5, 2012 (UTC)

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