Francine Dawson was given away by her dad 40 years ago. She was renamed Francine Ling when she was adopted. She then changed her name to Francine Smith upon marrying Stan Smith. She is now a housewife in American Dad. Her daughter is Hayley Smith, and her son is Steven Anita Smith.

Season 1

Episode 22

In "With Friends Like Steve's" she is barefoot twice:

Season 2

Episode 29

In S2E6 "Iced Iced Babies" she is barefoot when she told Stan she wants a baby.

Episode 38

In S2E15 "Four Little Words" she is barefoot while thinking she killed her friend.

Episode 41

In S2E18 "The Magnificent Steven" she's wearing fuzzy heel shoes that show her toes.

Season 3

Episdoe 6

In "42-Year-Old Virgin She is shown lying on the bed in her sleepwear waiting for Stan.

Episode 43

In S3E1 "Vacation Goo" there are a few images of Francine barefoot.

Episode 46

In S3E4 "Big Trouble in Little Langley" she is barefoot when her adopted parents come to vist

Season 4

Episode 62

In S4E4 "Choosy Wives Choose Smith" she is barefoot while getting a footrob.

Episode 64

In S4E6 "Pulling Double Booty" she is barefoot while putting lotion on.

Episode 76

In S4E18 "Weiner of Our Discontent" she is barefoot while sitting down in bed with stan.

Season 5

Episode 84

In S5E6 "Shallow Vows" a close up ofher feet is shown when she is waxing.

Episode 87

In S5E9 "Rapture's Delight" she is barefoot when wearing a white dress

Episode 91

In S5E13 "The Return of the Bling" she is barefoot when Stan lift her off the bed and place her in the bathtub.

Season 6

Episode 101

In S6E5 "White Rice" a few close up of her feet when she comes out of Greg and Terry's hot tub.

Episode 102

In S6E6 "There Will Be Bad Blood" Francine is wearing opened toed sandals when she and the other switch places with Rusty and his family.

Episode 105

In S6E9 "Fartbreak Hotel" a close up of Francince's feet are shown when she is putting on her slippers

Episode 106

In S6E10 "Stanny-Boy and Frantastic" a few images

Episode 111

In S5E15 "License to Till" a close up ofher feet when she was about to dip it in the bubble bath.

Season 7

Episode 118

In S7E3 "A Ward Show" not only is she barefoot but also very tan when she and Stan spend 2 hours at a water park.

Episode 124

In S7E9 "Stanny Tendergrass" her feet are shown while wearing a green bikini and sunglasses.

Episode 129

In S7E14 "Stan's Best Friend" her feet are shown when she got out of bed.

Episode 132

S7E17 "Ricky Spanish"

Episode 133

In S7E18 "Toy Whorey", she loses one of her shoes when she is hit by a wrecking ball.

Season 8

Episode 148

In S8E15 "The Missing Kink" she is barefoot while wet and have a towel on her shoulders

Season 9

Episode 16 "Rubberneckers"

In this episdoe Francine is shown to wear a red dress with open toe shoes

Season 12

Episode 176

In S11E4 "Blonde Ambition" Francine change her appearance to Hayley, even wearing her tan open-toed sandals and having a dance off against Hayley (as a distraction to free the whales)

Episode 186

In S12E11 "Manhattan Magical Murder Mystery Tour" Francine kicks off her right shoe and uses her foot to grab a paperclip to remove something from her mouth.

Episode 189

In S12E14 "American Fung" Francine is barefoot when she and Stan are strap to an operation table as they are being prepared to get brain fix.

Season 13

Episode 193

Episode 201

Season 13

Episode 214

Fight or Flight </gallery>

Episode 223

Season 17

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Her LinkedIn profile shows her left sole.



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