Gi (voiced by Janice Kawaye) is one of the five Planeteers in Captain Planet and the Planeteers. She is from China and represents water.


Season 1Edit

A Hero for EarthEdit

A World Below UsEdit

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Season 2Edit

The PredatorEdit

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The Coral KillerEdit

Fare Thee WhaleEdit

Gi is barefoot while in a a Bikini when she and Linka are watching whales

Season 3Edit

Hog TideEdit

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Season 4Edit

Sea No EvilEdit

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I've Lost My MayanEdit

Note on UnknownsEdit

from (unknown order):

I really have to give a massive sized thank you to the Legendary Master of Sole Shots Match25 for tracking down all these episodes" KingsSideCastle

Unknown episode AEdit

Unknown episode BEdit


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