Girls of the wilds cover
Girls of the Wild's is a manhwa series.


Wilds High School has a history of forty-two years as a specialist fighting academy, masquerading as an all-girls private high school meant solely for the elite. Every year inside the school, a tournament called the Wild's League is held. Since its creation, it has become one of the most popular fighting events in the country. Additionally, it remains the only place in the world where teenage girls wager their lives while engaging in a brutal sport.

This year, the school has been changed to mixed-gender. The first, and only, male student - Song Jae Gu - has been granted a full three-year scholarship, regardless of grades, to diversify the overwhelmingly female population of the school. His decision to accept this scholarship is obvious, as he needs such charity in order to take care of his younger siblings by himself. However, after meeting "Queen" - the bloody champion of the Wild's League - along with her friend Moon-Young and rival Dal-Dal, his attendance to this school suddenly becomes far more complicated.


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