Images of individual characters barefoot solo are on their character pages. Mixed scenes and unconfirmed scenes remain here.


Mobile Suit Gundam

Episode 22

Fraw Bow is seen barefoot (as well as completely naked) while showering the three orphans.

Mobile Suit Gundam Z

Episode 12

Jerid Messa


Rain Mikamura (the main female character) soaks her bare feet in water in 2 episodes.

Episode A

Episode B

SEED Destiny

Episode 21

Shinn Asuka first meets Stella Loussier. She injures her foot and Shinn bandages it up in a striking parallel to SEED.


Episode needed

Two unconfirmed suggestions of a scene:

(added by at January 21, 2012, at which point only the first 14 episodes of the series had aired)

"Gundam AGE the female lead gets her shoe pulled off by the bad guy's minion while trying to escape."

(added by at March 3, 2012)

"Romary Stone, one of the female leads, may be this one who got her boot taken away she remains in one boot for 4 whole episodes."

One user alleges they watched the first 19 episodes of AGE and did not see any such scene. If 2.96's suggestion and 92.20's span are the same scene, this would mean 14-17 at the latest, which may mean that this could be a lie and the scene doesn't exist.