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Happy Negative Marriage is a manga series.


Satou Keitaro is thirty years-old, successful at his job, and single. With worries about his future, his peers work with his parents to give him an arranged marriage interview. However, after realizing his prospective wife is the beautiful Shimako Akio, who shares an equally unromantic lifestyle, his problems begin to stack up.


Chapter 3Edit

A small amount of drinking during their first date results in the discovery that Shimako is extremely susceptible to the lures of alcohol. Later, after bringing her back to her hotel room, Satou discovers she is also notorious for unconscious cuddling.

Chapter 4Edit

Shimako begins to regret the poor, alcoholic conclusion to her marriage interview.

Chapter 5Edit

Chapter 8Edit

Chapter 9Edit

While walking through the countryside on a hike, Shimako takes her sandals off and prances about the water of a cool, freshwater stream.

Chapter 11Edit

Satou is drawn to a local strip club with his gentlemen co-workers, where they then proceed to set him up with a private room in the back for added fun with one of the more interactive dancers.

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