Hayley Dreamsmasher Smith, last name changed to Fischer, is the daughter of Francine Smith and Stan Smith in American Dad.

Season 1

Episode 1

In her first appearance in the Pilot episode, Hayley is shown to wear tan opened toed sandals.

Episode 5

"Roger Codger" has Hayley barefoot while in her nightwear.

Episode 7

In "Deacon Stan, Jesus Man" has Hayley wear sandals while wearing a strange looking outfit at Church and when she's wearing her normal clothing.

Episode 10

"All About Steve"

Episode 12

In "Stan of Arabia: Part 1", Hayley is seen with sandals while wearing a robe as she and the other Smiths are now living in Arabia. Oddly, in most scenes she appears to be wearing regular shoes.

Episode 15

In "Star Trek" Hayley in sandal feet while booing at Steven on TV.

Season 2

Episode 33

In S2E10 "Bush Comes to Dinner" Hayley's right sandal is missing, revealing her right foot.

Episode 34

In S2E11 "American Dream Factory" Hayley's right sandal is missing, revealing her right foot again.

Season 3

Episode 43

In S3E1 "The Vacation Goo" a few barefoot images

Episode 46

S3E4 "Big Trouble in Little Langley"

Season 4

Episode 60

In S4E2 "The One That Got Away" she is barefoot while playing a hypnosis game.

Episode 64

In S4E6 "Pulling Double Booty" Hayley is barefoot while next to Bill.

Episode 70

iN S3E12 "Roy Rogers McFreely" a few images of Hayley's sandal feet.

Episode 71

In S4E13 "Jack's Back" a few images of Hayley's sandal feet while having a dress-outs contest.

Season 5

Episode 81

In S5E03 "Home Adrone" a few shots of Hayley's Sandal feet when she and the others spent 16 hours on a plane to Boston.

Episode 95

In S5E17 "An Incident at Owl Creek" she is barefoot while wearing her Great-Grandmother's swimsuit.

Season 6

Episode 112

In S6E2 "Son of Stan" a few images of Hayley in her sandal feet and bare feet in a red bikini while Roger, who wanted the $50,000.

In S6E16 "Jenny Fromdabloc" a young Hayley wearing purple sandals and is barefoot while brushing her hair.

Season 7

Episode 121

In S7E6 "The Scarlett Getter" a couple of Hayley barefeet and a close up of her sandal feet.

Episode 126

In S7E11 "Old Stan in the Mountain" an image of Hayley sandal feet as she is looking at a latin book.

Season 8

Episode 134

In S8E1 "Love, American Dad Style" she is barefoot while her limbs are tied on the bed.

Episode 135

In S8E2 "Killer Vacation" she is seen wearing purple sandals

Episode 139

In S8E6 "Adventures in Hayleysitting" she is barefoot while on the couch and a close up of her sandal feet when she is pressing the pedal.

Episode 152

In S8e19 "Da Flippity Flop" a close up of Hayley Sandal feet when she and Francine surround Klaus (who was in Stan's body)

Season 9

Episode 154

In S9e2 "Poltergasm" she is barefoot while kissing her new boy toy.

Episode 159

In S9e7 "Faking Bad" a shot of Hayley's sandal feet while she's in jail for making fake I.D.'s

Episode 161

In S9e9 "Vision: Impossible" a few close up of Hayley's sandal feet, including one with also shows her heels.

Episode 168

In S9e16 "She Swill Surivie" Hayley is barefoot while wearing a purple robe.

Episode 171

S9e19 "News Glance With Genevieve Vavance" has a few shots of Hayley's sandal feet as she wears a news suit. Also the sandals are dark brown instead of Tan.

Season 11

Episode 175

S11E5 In "CIAPOW" A few images of Haley Sandal Feet, including a close up when she and the family (Minus Stan) are doing a Slow-Mo Race.

Season 12

Episode 188

"Holy Shit, Jeff's Back!"

A close-up of her sole while barefoot, as well as sandals.

Episode 189

"American Fung"

In sandals

Season 13

Episode 193

s13e3 "Hayley Smith, Seal Team Six"

In sandals

Episode 201

Episode 208

Episode 209

Episode 211

Season 14

Episode 213

Episode 214

Episode 223

Season 15

Episode 243

=Episode 245


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