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Helga G. Pataki is a character from Hey Arnold.

Season 1Edit

Episode unknownEdit

Episode 20Edit

In "Arnold's Valentine" Helga is barefoot when she disguises herself as "Cecile" and later on when she is barefooted after Arnold finds the real Cecile until he holds one of Helga's heels.

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Season 2Edit

Episode 5Edit

"Monkey Business"

Season 3Edit

Episode 16Edit

In this episode she is shown barefoot sleeping in bed. 

Season 4Edit

Episode 67aEdit

In "Helga's Parrot" she wears purple pajamas instead of pink.

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Episode 73aEdit

In "Weird Cousin" she's barefoot when Arnold gives her a foot massage. She takes off her right shoe but Arnold massages her left foot.

Episode 78Edit

In "Helga on the Couch" as Helga was brushing her teeth and walking barefoot in her closet, she puts on an Arnold-shaped headwear as there is a close-up shot of Helga's feet and toes as she tangles in Christmas lights.

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Episode 80Edit

During the entire episode of "Summer Love" her feet are seen wearing pink sandals.

Season 5Edit

Episode 81bEdit

"Big Sis"

Episode 84bEdit

"Phoebe Breaks A Leg"

Unknown seasonEdit

Unknown epEdit

Unknown vidEdit

Fan artEdit

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