Hitomi Nakajo is a supporting character from the OVA series "Idol Defense Force Humming Bird ".

She is one of two members of the Fever Girls, the other one being Reiko Hosokawa . They are an idol duo created by Nakajima, an old flame of the mother of the Toreishi sisters, Hazuki . Like her Reiko she have a very voluptuous body and share her collague sneaky ways. Anyway her attitude is revealed to be just a facade after she is impressed by the kindness and bravery of the sisters, especially Satsuki .

Episode 02Edit

Title: Summer - ( "Aidoru Boeitai Hummingbird '94 Natsu" - アイドル防衛隊ハミングバード '94 夏)

Episode 03Edit

Title: The song of Wind ( "Kaze no Uta" - 風の唄 )

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