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Jem and the Holograms is an American animated television series that ran 3 seasons from 6 October 1985 to 2 May 1988.

In 2015 it was adapted into a 7-issue comic book mini-series to promote the upcoming 2016 live-action movie adaptation.






Season 1Edit

s1e2 "Disater" has the episode where the holograms and the starlight girls are all barefoot when starhouse house has burn down.
S1e13 "The Music Awards" has BA Nee and two other starlight girls cover their eyes after hearing a loud sound. In this one Ba Nee and a African American girl are both sockfooted while a blonde girl is barefooted.

Season 2Edit

has 27 episodes

Episode 35Edit

s2e9 "Aztec Enchantment"

The Holograms are shown to wear sandals while doing a music video near a Mayan temple.

Season 3Edit

has 12 episodes

Episode 59Edit

s3e6 "Midsummer Night's Madness"

While in Greece, The Holograms are shown to wear Greece clothing that had sandals that expose their toes.

See alsoEdit

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