Jennifer Walters aka she hulk

Jennifer Walters (the first She-Hulk, now sometimes referred to as the green She-Hulk to tell her apart from the Red She-Hulk) is Bruce Banner's cousin. Originally a meager attorney, after an injury her cousin Bruce gave her a blood transfusion which caused her to become a Gamma mutate.


Savage She-Hulk

ran from 1980 to 1982


The first 7 covers depicted her barefoot, and then there was a 3-issue gap where she wasn't.


It is unclear which issues from the Savage series these are from.

Fantastic Four

Issue 275

February 1985

Sensational She-Hulk

1985 graphic novel that spawned a 1989-1994 series with 60 issues

1985 graphic novel

November 1985

Issue 7

She dreams of Hercules

Issue 8

and does it again

Issue 9

Issue 18

Issue 25

Issue 26

Issue 40

June 1992

Unknown issue

Avengers: West Coast

Annual 4

November 1989

Avengers Volume 3

Issue 8

November 2002

The Incredible Hulk

Volume 2

Issue 106
Jennifer is stuck hitchhiking across Bayonne, New Jersey after Iron Man neutralizes her powers.

Uncanny X-Men

Issue 435

February 2004

Spider-Man and the Fantastic Four


She-Hulk v2

Issue 3

February 2006

Issue 4

Issue 6

Issue 16

April 2007 She is barefoot during her team-up with Wolverine against Wendigo.

Issue 10

Issue 30

August 2008

She-Hulk v3

Issue 1

to be released 2014

Marvel Team Up (Vol 3)

Issue 25

Info needed

Hulk (2017)

Issue 7

Issue 9

Issue 10

Mighty Thor (2016)

Issue 700

She-Hulk (2017)

Issue 159

Issue 160

Issue 161

Issue 162

Issue 163

Avengers (2018)

Issue 2

Issue 3

Issue 5


Incredible Hulk (1982)

Episode 11

"Enter, the She-Hulk"

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The Incredible Hulk: The Animated Series (1996)

Episode 7


Episode 8

"Fantastic Fortitude"

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Episode 14

"Hulk of a Different Color"

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Episode 16

"Mind Over Anti-Matter"

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Episode 18

"Fashion Warriors"

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Episode 19

"Hollywood Rocks"

Episode 20

"The Lost Village"

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Episode 21

"Mission: Incredible!"

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Fantastic Four: Earth's Greatest Heroes

Episode 18

"The Cure" During Her Transformation, Her Shoes Break Apart, Showing Her Toes. Her Toenails Are Seen Thoughout The Episode.

The Super Hero Squad Show

Season 2

Episode 11

"So Pretty When They Explode"

Hulk and the Agents of S.M.A.S.H.

Season 1

Episode 15


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