Jennifer Walters (the first She-Hulk, now sometimes referred to as the green She-Hulk to tell her apart from the red She-Hulk) is Bruce Banner's cousin.


Jennifer Walters aka she hulk


Savage She-HulkEdit

ran from 1980 to 1982


The first 7 covers depicted her barefoot, and then there was a 3-issue gap where she wasn't.


It is unclear which issues from the Savage series these are from.

Fantastic FourEdit

Issue 275Edit

February 1985

Sensational She-HulkEdit

1985 graphic novel that spawned a 1989-1994 series with 60 issues

1985 graphic novelEdit

November 1985

Issue 7Edit

She dreams of Hercules

Issue 8Edit

and does it again

Issue 9Edit

Issue 18Edit

Issue 25Edit

Issue 26Edit

Issue 40Edit

June 1992

Unknown issueEdit

Avengers Volume 3Edit

Issue 8Edit

November 2002

The Incredible HulkEdit

Volume 2 Edit

Issue 106 Edit
Jennifer is stuck hitchhiking across Bayonne, New Jersey after Iron Man neutralizes her powers.

Uncanny X-MenEdit

Issue 435Edit

February 2004

Spider-Man and the Fantastic FourEdit


She-Hulk v2Edit

Issue 3Edit

February 2006

Issue 4Edit

Issue 6Edit

Issue 16Edit

April 2007 She is barefoot during her team-up with Wolverine against Wendigo.

Issue 10Edit

Issue 30Edit

August 2008

She-Hulk v3Edit

Issue 1Edit

to be released 2014

Marvel Team Up (Vol 3)Edit

Issue 25

Info neededEdit

Hulk (2017)Edit

Issue 7


Incredible Hulk (1982)Edit

Episode 11Edit

"Enter, the She-Hulk"

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The Incredible Hulk: The Animated Series (1996)Edit

Episode 7Edit


Episode 8Edit

"Fantastic Fortitude"

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Episode 14Edit

"Hulk of a Different Color"

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Episode 16Edit

"Mind Over Anti-Matter"

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Episode 18Edit

"Fashion Warriors"

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Episode 19Edit

"Hollywood Rocks"

Episode 20Edit

"The Lost Village"

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Episode 21Edit

"Mission: Incredible!"

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Fantastic Four: Earth's Greatest HeroesEdit

Episode 18Edit

"The Cure"

The Super Hero Squad ShowEdit

Season 2Edit

Episode 11Edit

"So Pretty When They Explode"

Hulk and the Agents of S.M.A.S.H.Edit

Season 1Edit

Episode 15Edit


See alsoEdit

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