Jubilation Lee, also known as Jubilee, is one of the X-Men in Marvel Comics.

X-Men Vol 4 13 Textless

Jubilation Lee



1993 Marvel Swimsuit Special

X-Men volume 3

Issue 3

9 September 2010

She appears barefoot as a vampire on one of the alternate covers.

TV series

1992 "X-men: The Animated Series"

Episode 35

In "Savage Land, Savage Heart - Part 1", Jubilee is seen in a jungle themed outfit, providing shots of her feet while she is taken away by Sauron.

Episode 36

"Savage Land, Savage Heart - Part 2"

Episode 61

In "Xavier Remembers", Jubilee is barefoot while in her night clothes.

Episode 72

In "The Fifth Horseman", Jubilee's barefeet are exposed while in sandals.

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