Kaede is one of the main characters of the anime series Manyu Hiken-cho .

She is Chifusa Manyu 's attendent and childhood friend and is extremely loyal to the young swordswoman, to the point that she deserted the Manyu clan to accompany Chifusa in her journey. She is always full of energy and frequently lose herself in contemplating Chifusa beauty, maybe hiding deeper feelings for her childhood friend.

She used to have a very nice bust size but she was "robbed" of her curves by Kagefusa as a punishment for helping Chifusa. Kaede doesn't regret her choices but is seen looking in jealousy at Chifusa bosom, wishing that her friend will master the Breast Flow soon to regain her original curves.

Episode 01Edit

Title: "Title: "Chifusa Defects" ( "Chifusa Rihan Su" - 千房 離反す )

Episode 02Edit

Title: "Assassin! Breast Illusion!" ( "Shikaku! Chichi Mudo!" - 刺客! 乳夢道)

Episode 03Edit

Title: "Mysterious Breast Disappearence!" ( "Kaiki Chichi-kakushi" - 怪奇 乳隠し)

Episode 04Edit

Title: "Divers and Breasts" ( "Ama to Oppai" - 海女とおっぱい )

Episode 05Edit

Title: "Good-For-Nothings and Breasts" ( "Rokudenashi to Oppai" - ろくでなしとおっぱい )

Episode 06Edit

Title: "Kagefusa Revisited" ( "Kagefusa Futatabi" - 影房ふたたび )

Episode 07Edit

Title: "Boobie Kid" ( "Oppai Kozo" - おっぱい小僧 )

Episode 08Edit

Title: "Chifusa Imprisoned" ( "Chifusa Towaru" - 千房囚わる )

Episode 09Edit

Title: "Bud of Love" ("Tsubomi no Koi" - つぼみの恋 )

Episode 10Edit

Title: "The First Breast Slash" ( "Hajimari no Chichi-giri - 始まりの乳斬り )

Episode 11Edit

Title: "Munemori Village" ("Munemori no Sato" - 胸杜の里 )

Episode 12Edit

Title: Title: "Breast Flow" ( "Chichi-nagare - 乳流れ )

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