Chifusa Manyu 's older sister. She hates her sister because, even if Kagefusa had bigger breasts, her father preferred Chifusa as the successor of Manyu.

Kagefusa is quite sadistic and , unlike Chifusa, she have no problem with the cruel ways of her family, enjoying the torture of people that oppose the Clan or just robbing women of their breasts in the "Breast Hunt".

She seriously injured Chifusa during her escape for the village and then punished Kaede with a "Breast Slash" that, unlike the technique of chifusa, just shrink the victim breasts. She is "robbed" of her breasts when Chifusa unwillingly use the Breast Flow and swore vengeance for the loss.

Wearing an inflating bra, she pursued and attacked her sister again but Chifusa kind heart is able to convince even her of her mistakes. Plus Chifusa assure her that she will regain her breasts when the Breast Flow will be mastered. After this change of heart Kagefusa become a more relaxed and cheerful person..while remaining quite sadistic!

Tv SeriesEdit

Episode 01Edit

Title: "Chifusa Defects" ( "Chifusa Rihan Su" - 千房 離反す )

Episode 06Edit

Title: "Kagefusa Revisited" ( "Kagefusa Futatabi" - 影房ふたたび )

Episode 11Edit

Title: "Munemori Village" ("Munemori no Sato" - 胸杜の里 )

Episode 12Edit

Title: Title: "Breast Flow" ( "Chichi-nagare - 乳流れ )

OVA SeriesEdit

Episode 04Edit

Title: "Kaede's Chifusa-sama Breast Growth Record 02" ( "Kaede no Chifusa-sama chibusa no seicho kiroku 02" - 楓の乳房の成長記録 )

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