Kanna Toreishi a character of the OVA series "Idol Defense Force Humming Bird ".

Kanna is the eldest of the Toreishi sisters and the Humming Bird squadron team leader. She is also well versed in the economical and burocratic aspects of the idol business, being the one that ensure the fullfilment of the contracts by her sisters and the contractors. She is cheerful and sometimes an airhead but she can be pretty strict and demandind with her sister when the situation arises.

Episode 01Edit

Title: The Best Guy ("Idol Defense Force Hummingbird") - ("Aidoru Boeitai Hummingbird" - アイドル防衛隊ハミングバード )

Episode 02Edit

Title: Summer - ( "Aidoru Boeitai Hummingbird '94 Natsu" - アイドル防衛隊ハミングバード '94 夏)

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