Kara zor El aka Super girl

Supergirl Panup

Supergirl (or Kara Zor El) is the cousin of Superman in DC comics.


Superman AdventuresEdit

Issue 21Edit

Issue 31Edit

Issue 41Edit

Adventure ComicsEdit

Issue 381Edit


Volume 4

Issue 77Edit

Supergirl (New-52)Edit

Issue 4Edit

Issue 8Edit

Issue 10Edit

The Supergirl from KryptonEdit

Batgirl vol 3Edit

Issue 14Edit

Supergirl - Being Super (2017)Edit

Issue 01Edit

Issue 02Edit

Issue 03Edit

Issue 04Edit


Superman: The Animated SeriesEdit

Episode 40 or 41Edit

In "Little Girl Lost" Part 1 or Part 2, Supergirl (Kara In-Ze) is barefoot in her 2-part debut story.

Episode 51Edit


Episode 54Edit


The New Batman AdventuresEdit

Episode 20Edit

"Girls Night Out"

Justice League UnlimitedEdit

Episode 6Edit

"Fearful Symmetry"

DC Super Hero GirlsEdit

New BeginningsEdit

She can be seen barefoot sitting on her bed.

Episode TBAEdit


Superman/Batman: ApocalypseEdit


See /fanart

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