Kimi-no-iru-machi cover
Kimi No Iru Machi is a manga series.


Haruto Kirishima is a typical highschooler living in the countryside: worrying about school and his unrequited love. Everything is normal until a stranger by the name of Eba Yuzuki announces that she's come from Tokyo to the countryside of Hiroshima to attend high school. What's more, after this sudden announcement, she's explains to Haruto that she'll also be living in his house.


Chapter 13

Chapter 22

Eba prepares to enter the bath with Haruto's older sister.

Chapter 35

Kimi No Iru Machi has a strange fascination with showing off a girl's feet in the chapter opening.

Chapter 78

After a short discussion about Haruto leaving for Tokyo, he explains to them how during his last day in Hiroshima, that he just wants to hang out with his friends and remember their childhoods together. Naturally, Akari is barefoot.

Chapter 85

Having temporarily moved into his sister's apartment in Tokyo, Haruto gets a call from Akari. Their conversation results in her angrily flexing her toes about the fabric of her bed.

Chapter 102

Haruto hangs out at his home with his new girlfriend, Asuka Mishima. While cooking dinner, he receives an ominous phone call from Akari about Eba.

Chapter 134 & 135

Akari finds herself in her favorite, foot-showing position as everyone in the group, back in Hiroshima for the summer, decides to take a break and go out to get ice cream. Haruto opts out, finding it a little too difficult to stick around his previous love, Eba, now that he has a new girlfriend. This plan doesn't work, as Eba fakes hurting her toes, sticking around Haruto long enough to shove her "injured" foot into his personal space. Their conversation takes a drastic turn when the group out to get ice cream returns, and Haruto rapidly grabs Eba's foot to cover her blatant excuse out of going for ice cream.

Chapter 143

Chapter 145

While wandering around the city helping Haruto look for apartments, Eba finds herself in a considerably painful situation. Haruto apologizes for the blister on her foot, which is followed by a remarkable close-up on Eba's toes.

Chapter 152 & 153

Haruto has a miscommunication with his new neighbor, Hozuki, who appears late at night to fulfill his supposed sexual cravings, when in fact, he just wanted help with his laundry. This mistake is caught early enough, but not before Hozuki finds herself stripping in his new apartment. Even worse, Eba's younger sister, Rin, drops by and witnesses this act in progress. They sit her down and explain the misunderstanding, and Hozuki flees the scene after being teased by her unusual desire to fulfill a debt to Haruto. Albeit, not without seeing her feet once more.

Chapter 156

Chapter 186

After hearing that one of his closest friends (and subsequently, ill-fated love interests), Akari, is leaving college life to return home and help her injured father, Haruto makes a visit to her house. Alongside her unconscious desire to flex her toes, Akari sneaks a kiss off an unsuspecting Haruto before he leaves.

Chapter 192 & 194

While on their vacation, Haruto and Yuzuki have a short-lived lover's quarrel. This quarrel ends when their mediator misconstrues their words, resulting in the thought that Haruto was going to commit suicide from sadness. Upon making up with one another, these two share a loving moment by the riverside.

Chapter 201

Chapter 225

Chapter 226

Chapter 228

Yuzuki steps on Haruto's face after a series of misgivings at the beach.

Chapter 231

With Yuzuki out of the house, their new neighbor attempts to seduce Haruto.