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Kimiiro Focus is a manga series.


Amateur photographer Ooji Hanazono dreams of becoming great with his camera, a tool he believes is built to capture the beauty of the world around him. This desire to capture the beauty of the world soon results in a photography session with his childhood friend, Sumire, who hesitantly indulges his interests. He shows the resulting pictures to Ran, his crush, upperclassman, and head of the Photography Club. Noting his innate ability to photograph the female form, Ran entices him into joining the club, intending to use Ooji as her personal photographer to help realize her own dreams of managing a successful idol group.


Chapter 1

Ooji convinces Sumire to help him practice shooting the female form.

Chapter 2

Ooji and Sumire participate in a second photoshoot, with the theme of incorporating shadows.

Chapter 3

Ran persuades Ooji into working with a new model, an aspiring gravure model Tsubami.

Chapter 5

Ran invites Ooji into her home, where after changing out of her school uniform, she reveals to him the seriousness of her dream to manage a team of idols.

Chapter 6

Ran takes the Photography Club out on a trip for a beach photoshoot, using the two models they've acquired thus far, Sumire and Tsubami.

Chapter 7

In the second portion of their outing, Ooji conducts another photoshoot with Sumire at the outdoor baths.

Chapter 8

Having cut out on Sumire's photoshoot early, Ooji is drawn to another patron of the outdoor baths, the technical student who handles the Photography Club's ever-growing blog. However, he doesn't recognize her without glasses, and thus identifies her only by her bare legs.

Chapter 9

Ooji converses with another member of the Photography Club, and later reacquaints himself with the legs of his mystery model from earlier.

Chapter 10

Ran becomes a model for Oohi, after being pressured that this event was one of the reasons he was coerced into joining the Photography Club in the first place.

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