Koriand'r is a character in the DC Comics universe. She was born a princess of the planet Tamaran, making her a Tamaranean. As Starfire she is a member of the Teen Titans.
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Tales of the Teen TitansEdit

This was formerly New Teen Titans Volume 1, but was retitled "Tales of" from issue 41 onward when the "New" title entered its second volume with a new cast.

Issue 42Edit

May, 1984

Issue 43Edit

June, 1984

New Teen Titans Volume 2Edit

Issue 3Edit

"Souls as White as Heaven... as Black as Hell!" debuted November 1984

She is shown barefoot in a bikini. For group shots of her with Wonder Girl see Teen Titans#Issue 3

Flash Vol 2Edit

Issue 50Edit

May 1991

New Titans AnnualEdit

Issue 10Edit



Week 19Edit

Week 50Edit

April 2007

Titans (Vol. 2 Pre New 52) Edit

Issue 1

Series neededEdit

Nightwing volume 2Edit

Annual 2Edit

June 2007

Starfire speaks to Barbara Gordon while Richard Grayson showers.

Red Hood and The OutlawsEdit

Volume 2:Edit


Teen TitansEdit


"Every Dog Has His Day" Starfire's boot is stolen by a creature she mistakes for Beastboy

Episode 19Edit

Feb 21 2004 source and May 3 2004 mention

In S2e6 "Date With Destiny" when a snobby blonde chick forces Robin to go on a date with her, Starfire freaks out to the point where she jumps right out of her boots. Only happens for a second, but you get a clear shot of both of her bare feet.

Episode 20Edit

In S237 "Transformation", during her transformation, her feet grow large and hairy.

Teen Titans Go!Edit

Episode 7Edit

In "Dude Relax" she and Robin are both barefoot while getting facials.

Episode 8Edit

In "Laundry Day" she is shown in a robe.

Episode 44Edit

In "In and Out" she is in sandals as Sapphire.

Episode 62Edit

In Slumber Party she wear pj

Tamaranian VacationEdit

In this episode Starfire is barefoot when her clothes are ruined.

More of the sameEdit

Starfire is shown barefooted when she is cover in chicken pox, then her right foot is expose when just as the new year is about to begin

Leg DayEdit

Grube's FairytalesEdit

Squash and StretchEdit

At the start of the episode "Squash and Stretch", Starfire is barefoot.

Two ParterEdit

Season 3: Episode 42 - Pure ProteinEdit

Justice League vs. Teen TitansEdit

Starfire is seen where high-heeled sandals that expose her feet. then Later when she transform into her super hero outfit she's barefooted.

Teen Titans: The Judas ContractEdit

Fan artEdit

See alsoEdit

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