Lauren Ridgemount (nicknamed Lo) is a character from the animated series Stoked.

The daughter of a wealthy hotel and business mogul, her partying habits and shopping sprees running up her fathers credit card bills forced him to punish her by, confiscating her credit cards, forcing her to get a job, kicking her out of the penthouse and establishing a work ethic.

Season 1 Edit

Episode 11 Edit

"Boards of Glory" Lo blackmails children at the hotel to do all her work.

Season 2Edit

Episode 10Edit

In "Hunka Hunka Burning Reef", during a makeout session with Reef, Lo's feet are close up with they are press onto Fin's face

Episode 17Edit

In "500 Days of Bummer" a close up of Lo's feet is shown when she is painting her toenail safari yellow while babysitting her brother.

Episode 21Edit

In "To Catch a Reef" a shot of Lo's sandal feet when she shows Johnny what Reef bought her and a couple of her barefeet when she kicked her phone while she and Reef are kissing.

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