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Superman's GirlfriendEdit

Issue 11Edit

Published August 1959

Superman FamilyEdit

Issue 212Edit

Published November 1981

Series neededEdit

Issue neededEdit

"Reign of the Superman!" looks to be published in the 1990s

Superman Volume 2Edit

Issue 159Edit

Series unknownEdit

Issue unknownEdit

Animated seriesEdit

Season 1Edit

Episode 4Edit

"Fun & Games"

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Season 2Edit

Episode 20Edit


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Episode 26Edit

"Monkey Fun"

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Animated filmEdit

Brainiac AttacksEdit

In Superman: Brainiac Attacks, a close up shot of Lois Lane's feet can be seen at the beginning of the movie while she is changing her high heels for a pair of sneakers.


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Superman vs. The EliteEdit

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All-Star SupermanEdit

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Superman UnboundEdit

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Pro artEdit

Fan artEdit

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