Lois Lane


New 52 Action Comics

Issue 11

Lois is struck by an Automobile

Issue 12

Superman assists life saving surgery to save Lois

Superman's Girlfriend

Issue 11
Published August 1959


Superman Family

Issue 212

Published November 1981

Series needed

Issue needed

"Reign of the Superman!" looks to be published in the 1990s

Marvel vs DC

Issue 3

April 1996

Clark Kent is jealous when Peter Parker ogles her foot-tops as she wears heels.

Superman Volume 2

Issue 159

August 2000

Series unknown

Issue unknown

All Star Superman

Issues 2 & 10

Superman-Wonder Woman - Whom Gods Destroy

Part Three "The Gift"


Animated series

Season 1

Episode 4

"Fun & Games"

Season 2

Episode 20


Episode 26

"Monkey Fun"

Animated film

Brainiac Attacks

In Superman: Brainiac Attacks, a close up shot of Lois Lane's feet can be seen at the beginning of the movie while she is changing her high heels for a pair of sneakers.


Superman vs. The Elite

All-Star Superman

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Superman Unbound

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Pro art


Fan art

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