Lucy Heartfilia is a 17-year-old wizard, and the primary protagonist of the series Fairy Tail.

Anime season 1Edit

Episode 1Edit

When Lucy is kidnapped on a cruise by Salamander, she uses the Gatekeys and swims back too shore barefoot.

Episode 33 Edit

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Episode 34 Edit

Episode 35 Edit

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Episode 36 Edit

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Episode 37 Edit

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Episode 73Edit

In "Rainbow Cherry Blossom" lucy sleeps in her bed barefooted and wiggles her toes in a bit of distress, she misses the party after receiving a rough cold.

Episode 85Edit

Episode 87Edit

Episode 159Edit

Anime season 2Edit

Episodes 7 to 17Edit

Episodes 16-17Edit

Unknown seasonEdit

Unknown episode AEdit

Unknown episode BEdit

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Chapter 421Edit

Chapter 429Edit

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