Marvel Universe (Civil War)


Dark ReignEdit

The CabalEdit

Marvel Graphic NovelEdit

Issue 12Edit

"Dazzler: The Movie" published October 1984

New MutantsEdit

Unknown issueEdit

Catseye and Wolfsbane become roommates. Catseye's feet are seen when Rahne (Wolfsbane) is woken during a nightmare and hits her in terror. Rahne's are seen when she reverts to her human form in horror at what she did.

Hawkeye issue 4Edit



She-Hulk can be seen barefoot in 3 or 4 episodes of the 90's Hulk cartooon.

Spider-Man: The Animated SeriesEdit

Series 03Edit

In the two-parter episode "Make a Wish"/"Attack of the Octobot" the kind female taxi driver Mousie wear sandals that show a lot of her feet, also providing some closeups while stomping on the gas pedal. Also providing some closeups when doc ock open a trunk and is falling of doc ock's arms.

Spectacular Spider-ManEdit

Episode 3Edit


Animated seriesEdit

Jubilee has scenes in one ep.


Rogue was barefoot at the end of the X-Men Evolution episode X-23.

Also In X-men evolution. The character of Kitty Pride/Shadow Cat is almost always wearing sandals. There's also a great scene where Rogue and her are in a swimming pool.

Ultimate Spider-ManEdit

Season 1Edit

Episode 1Edit

Episode 8Edit

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