Mary Jane Watson

Mary Jane Watson is the on again / off again girlfriend (and in some continuities, wife) of Peter Parker (better known as Spider-Man) in the Marvel Comics universe.


Amazing Spider-ManEdit

Note: as seen at w:c:Marvel:Amazing Spider-Man Vol 2 and w:c:Marvel:Amazing Spider-Man Vol 1#No. 442 - 499 (1 - 58) (1999-2003), issues 1-58 of the second volume were actually issues 442 to 499. For that reason, please add 441 to an issue's number in the second volume to attain its correct overall number for this wiki.

Annual 19Edit

published August 1985

Annual 21Edit

Annual 25Edit

Annual 35Edit

Issue 258Edit

Issue 293Edit

Issue 349Edit

Issue 365Edit

Issue 381Edit

Issue 383Edit

Issue 390Edit

Issue 396Edit

Issue 398Edit

Issue 422Edit

Issue 439Edit

Issue 480 (v2 #39)Edit

Issue 496Edit

Published June 2003

Issue 506Edit

Issue 507Edit

Issue 515Edit

Published February 2005

Issue 535Edit

Issue 545Edit

Issue 560Edit

Published July 2008

Issue 561Edit

Published August 2008

Issue 601Edit

Published October 2009

Issue 604Edit

Published November 2009

Issue 667Edit

"Spider Island" New York is affected by mutated bugs giving innocent and criminal alike Spider powers

Issue 668Edit

Issue 670Edit

Issue 671 Edit

New York City is infected with a mutated spiders that converts it's entire population with spider powers

Issue 672 Edit

Cure for the Spider Island mutations

Web of Spider-ManEdit

Annual 4Edit

Published October 1988

Spider-Man UnlimitedEdit

Issue 13Edit

Published August 1996

The Spectacular Spider-ManEdit

Issue 241Edit

Published December 1996

Issue 245Edit

Published April 1997

Peter Parker: Spider-Man vol 2Edit

Issue neededEdit

January to December of 1999

Spider-Man Loves Mary Jane vol 2Edit

Issue 2Edit

Published November 2008

Spidey Sunday SpectacularEdit

Published July 2011

Ultimate MarvelEdit

Marvel Knights Spider ManEdit

Issue 12

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Spider-Man: The Animated SeriesEdit

Episode 21 Edit

In "Duel of the Hunters", Mary Jane has stayed over Peters house worrying where he is. She wears yellow socks.

Episode 60Edit

In the final Hydroman episode late in the series, she is barefoot, laying down in some sort of lab.

Spectacular Spider-ManEdit

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Ultimate Spider-ManEdit

Season 1Edit

Episode 21Edit

In "I Am Spider-Man" when Spidey and Mary Jane were running away from The Trapper, the villain used his glue gun and hit one of MJ's shoes, showing a brief moment of her feet.

Season 4Edit

Episode 15Edit


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