Mavis Dracula is the daughter of Dracula from Hotel Transylvania. She is voiced by Selena Gomez. In the sequel, she marries Jonathan Loughran and they have a son named Dennis. Her late mother was named Martha and her grandfather is named Vlad.


Hotel Transylvania

In the start of the movie when she is shown as a baby and a toddler, she is barefoot.

Later as a teenager, when she is celebrating her 118th birthday (teenage for vampires, who age at a slower rate) she is barefoot while dipping her feet in the castle/hotel pool.

Hotel Transylvania 3

The gang travels on a cruise ship, where Mavis checks out the beach, as well as tries surfing. She is shown in her swimsuit as well as a dress.

Animated Series

Hoop Screams

Mavis is barefoot while in her sleepwear.

Episode 9

Fan Art


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