Mihoshi Kuramitsu is a character from the Tenchi series.

Tenchi MuyoEdit

Episode 04Edit

In "Mihoshi Falls to the Land of Stars", In her first appearance, a few close up of her yellow sock feet are shown when she get a call from her boss.

Tenchi UniverseEdit

Episode 11Edit

In part one of the "Universe time and space adventures" three part episode Mihoshi (while as a feudal Japanese cop, is barefoot while meeting Ayeka about Ryoko.

Episode 13Edit

In part three of the "Universe time and space adventures" three part episode a close up of Mihoshi's whitesock feet when she tripped on a wire when Ayeka (who is her sister-in law) told her about a mess she left unclean.

Tenchi in TokyoEdit

Episode 2Edit

a few images of Mihoshi's feet while in her uniform

Episode 15Edit


Tenchi Muyo In LoveEdit

A shot of Mihoshi's feet with her rubbing her feet one on each other and then wiggling her toes, while she is in bed.
Mihoshi foot scratch and toe wiggle00:07

Mihoshi foot scratch and toe wiggle

Concept ImageEdit

Fan artEdit

See alsoEdit

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