Mimi Mortin is the star of What About Mimi.

Season 1

Episode 2

Mimi's imagination runs wild while imagining Queen Sincerity in "The Great Campaign".

Episode 8

In "The Play's the Thing", Mimi and Elaine have a sleepover...and an argument.

Episode 11

Episode 12

Mimi performs an ode to her teacher in leotards and bare feet in "Teacher of the Year".

Season 2

Episode 2

In "Jokers Wild", Mimi kicks off her shoes and puts on her bunny slippers.

Episode 10

In the episode "Outta Sync", Mimi and her friends disguise themselves as acrobats to sneak backstage at a concert.

Episode 12

In "The Big Sleepover", Mimi and the girls have a sleepover. Mimi borrows a toaster, pops a fuse, and runs into her parents.

Season 3

Episode 2

Episode 5

In "Club Mimi", Mimi tries to get her classmates to join her in a belly-dancing club. She wears sandals for this.

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