Momoha appers in episoe 7 of Manyu Hiken-cho , "Boobie Kid". She is a masseuse specialized in breasts treatments but she also operate during the night concealed as the "Boobie Kid", stealing breasts from the cruel noblewomen and apparently giving them as a gift to the poor girls. Momoha is actually just able to steal breasts but not absorb them like Chifusa so she use her massage techinque to imrove the breasts volume of her patients.

She is revealed to belong to the lowest rank of Chifusa's mother family, the Munamori clan, the true owners of the techinques to steal, absorb and grow breasts. Momoha use her disguise to try to battle the cruel ways of the Manyu clan and is overjoyed to see that Chifusa have the same thoughts.

Episode 07Edit

Title: "Boobie Kid" ( "Oppai Kozo" - おっぱい小僧 )

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